Thursday, January 23, 2014

John Schoenherr on Studio 360

My friend since the fifth grade, science writer Carl Zimmer, spoke to the radio show Studio 360 about my dad. There's a little slideshow of pictures here and you can stream the interview here. Please look and listen!

(Featured above is “Jack” Schoenherr’s cover for The Radio Planet by Ralph Milne Farley, published by Ace Books. He painted it in the summer or early fall of 1964, during his first few months of living in the New Jersey countryside, where the insects are big.)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Undersea Suburbs

Not long ago I posted John Schoenherr’s cover for City Under the Sea. Well, now, here are some suburbs under the sea. My father painted this one for the article “Underwater [sic] Suburbs” by Captain Lewis Byron Melson, USN (retired), in the the December 1969 issue of Science & Mechanics magazine. The original painting has yet to bubble to the surface, but I’d sure like to see how it looks without all the display type splashed all over it.