Thursday, January 23, 2014

John Schoenherr on Studio 360

My friend since the fifth grade, science writer Carl Zimmer, spoke to the radio show Studio 360 about my dad. There's a little slideshow of pictures here and you can stream the interview here. Please look and listen!

(Featured above is “Jack” Schoenherr’s cover for The Radio Planet by Ralph Milne Farley, published by Ace Books. He painted it in the summer or early fall of 1964, during his first few months of living in the New Jersey countryside, where the insects are big.)


  1. Was it Carl Zimmer? I thought it was you. Ironically, the interview spoke of the Wookiee-like DUNE alien, when it was documented that George Lucas and the SW production company that swiped your Dad's DUNE artwork for the film.

  2. So Lucas swiped Schoenherr art for Star Wars? Didn't know that. He clearly swiped from Heinlein, Jack Williamson and Frank Herbert. Yoda is the Freas Martian from Fred Brown's Martians Go Home. My friend Tom Whitmore pointed out that even John Williams' soundtrack was lifted, note for note, from a soundtrack by Eric Wolfgang Korngold. So it shd be no surprise that he swiped from Schoenherr. The whole Star Wars franchise is a massive lift, mix-and-match from established science fiction. All without permission, payment of royalties, or even acknowledgments. Thanks for nothing, George Lucas!