Thursday, July 8, 2010

News From Bear Alley

A piece by author and editor Steve Holland on his blog, Bear Alley:
John Schoenherr, one of the finest SF magazine cover artists of the 1960s and a writer and illustrator of children's books for many decades, died in New Jersey [sic: Pennsylvania, actually] on 8 April, aged 74. Below is what I wrote about Schoenherr for Sci-Fi Art: A Graphic Historywith a couple of minor additions:

The artist who dominated Analog (as Astounding SF became in 1960) was John Schoenherr, of whom Vincent Di Fate has said, "Once in a while an artist comes along with so much innate ability that he instantly gains the respect of his peers and becomes known as an 'artist's artist' ... Schoenherr possesses just such a talent and, to put a finer point on the matter, he is one of the best compositionalists who ever worked in the field of commercial art."...

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